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Enterprise Academy

Just like the Secondary School programme but tailored for Primary Schools, this programme teaches children the basic principles of business and self-employment using Newcastle United Football Club as a real life case study. The programme helps pupils understand jobs, professions and career options within the context of the football business.

Contact:James Keep

Family Football

Family Football is a six week course for parents/carers and children to promote enjoyment in learning. The programme aims to help create stronger, healthier families and will give adults the confidence to progress onto further learning and/or participation in regular healthy living activities. Family Football particularly aims to attract men (target 50% of all learners) who are traditionally underrepresented in family learning initiatives.

Contact: Mark Bertram

Football Coaching Programmes

Our football coaching programmes can support and complement physical education lessons or can be delivered before or after school or during lunchtimes. Basic skills such as agility, balance and co-ordination will be taught through drill sessions and games. Our schemes of work are designed to inspire children of all abilities to take part.

Contact: Andrew Dobby

Match Fit

Match Fit is a six week fitness, football and nutrition course for primary school children in Key Stage 2. Each week the programme will include an hour in the classroom followed by an hour of physical activity.

Contact: Andrew Johnson

Premier League School Sport

The Premier League has invested in a major programme to boost primary school sport. It focuses on developing agility, balance and co-ordination and introduces children to the principles of team games. The programme is also designed to provide CPD opportunities, resources and support to school teaching staff.

Contact: Andrew Dobby

Toon Team Days

Toon Team days provide a carousel of activities for groups of between 20 and 300 pupils. Toon Team Days make a great end of year activity, reward event or transition day, tailored to your school objectives.

Contact: Mark Bertram

Toon Times

Toon Times connects our present to our past for the future. The two hour history session takes pupils on a journey through the club’s history from its humble origins in 1881 through to today’s star-studded Premier League team. Toon Times is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils.

Contact: Gavin Ferry