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Monday 22nd April 2024
Joe’s Story: ‘I turned my life around at the right moment and I want to change other people's lives'

A series of significant life events saw Joe, an academic teenager, become so disruptive he was moved from mainstream education to a pupil referral unit. He left school with one GCSE, had poor mental health and no hope for the future. Shortly after leaving full-time education, Joe became a father – his daughter starting a new chapter in his life. He became determined to make something of himself and after working with Newcastle United Foundation, he now aims to inspire other young people to achieve and be the best father to his little girl.

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Friday 05th April 2024
Kim’s Story: ‘All I've ever wanted to do is help people and make a difference'

Kim’s life was turned upside down by a rare cancer diagnosis that saw her endure multiple surgeries and years of rehabilitation work. As a single parent, Kim did all she could to provide for her little boy and when NUCASTLE opened on their doorstep, it quickly became a home away from home.

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Friday 01st March 2024
Brooklynn’s Story: ‘Working with Newcastle United Foundation has changed my life'

Brooklynn was ground down by years of challenges disrupting her childhood, dealing with issues around homelessness, addiction, domestic abuse and suicide as she grew up.

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Friday 02nd February 2024
Harry’s Story: ‘I want everyone to try their best and keep believing in themselves'

Harry has been a football fanatic for life, playing the sport he loves from age 10 at Newcastle United Foundation’s Down Syndrome football club. He aspires to coach and uses Foundation and college development teams to hone his craft.

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Friday 22nd December 2023
Lee’s Story: ‘I want to help people change their lives the way Newcastle United Foundation helped change mine'

Lee’s turbulent childhood often left him without a safe space to call home. Now 16 and an apprentice with Newcastle United Foundation, he hopes to help change the lives of other young people.

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Thursday 16th November 2023
Bunny’s Story: ‘Newcastle United Foundation helped me become the person I am today'

Bunny qualified for support from Newcastle United Foundation’s Prince’s Trust TEAM programme. Following this support, social anxiety no longer held Bunny back in the safety of NUCASTLE, transforming their life to take on their first job as a runner for a TV and film production company – a dream come true for a young person who thought a bright future was beyond reach.

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Wednesday 29th June 2022
Debbie’s Story: ‘Newcastle United became the family I lost through my transition’

During Pride Month, Newcastle United Foundation is sharing Debbie’s journey to better mental health through support from the charity’s Be A Game Changer campaign and campaign champions, United with Pride.

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Thursday 16th June 2022
Rumni’s Story: ‘Watching my sons play football is the best remedy for my mental health’

During Men’s Health Week, Newcastle United Foundation is sharing Rumni’s journey to better mental health through support from the charity’s Be A Game Changer project.

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Thursday 31st March 2022
Lily-Rose's Story: ‘As a trans-woman, St. James’ Park is one of my safe spaces’

Being trans is still a safety concern for me on a daily basis, which is why I have my safe spaces that I know well and that are familiar to me – like my church and, of course, St. James’ Park.

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Thursday 17th February 2022
Foundation’s disability football club still Chloe’s ‘favourite part of the week’ after attending for almost ten years

A young woman who has attended Newcastle United Foundation’s Visually Impaired Football Club for almost a decade continues to make “massive personal achievements” towards better mental and physical wellbeing.

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Friday 11th February 2022
Foundation help young Newcastle United supporter Blake ‘feel safe’ during covid anxiety

A 12-year-old struggling to cope with severe anxiety and stress during lockdown has been helped to “feel safe” through mental health support from Newcastle United Foundation.

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Monday 07th February 2022
Lucy 'happy and laughing again' after mental health support from Newcastle United Foundation

A teenager who "hit rock bottom" dealing with anxiety and low mood is smiling and laughing again following youth wellbeing support from Newcastle United Foundation.

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